Frosted Mini Update! 8/18/2015

Arriving on 8/18/15!

Game Update

New Adventure Chest!

Get aboard the Manta Train! Green and Blue manta rays are the new mounts in the Adventure box! Created by FriedSushi!

Chaos Chest loot has been shuffled! This week's potential prizes include:

New Sails!

The pirates of the treasure isles have brought in a new shipment of sails from distant lands. Find them and exchange your Glim for the Inner Sea, Raider Sail, Foolish Fish, Much Sail (creations by Milambit), Bee Sail, Ladybug Sail, Serpent's Nest, or Compass Rose!

Daimeownt's Retinue - Three new Meownts available on the store!

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed a bug where the "Lock" icon for abilities you couldn't use would go away if you rebound that ability's hotkey
  • The Dracolyte familiar now dances when you do!
  • You can now type /played to see how much time you have played Trove total. Unfortunately this only starts counting after this update.
  • Dreamolyte's boots are now the right color!
  • Fixed some client memory leaks!

Community Creations

  • New bow styles by Lacirev_, Reggid, Arradir, Ejthepro, Rlrlrl, Jamster, Mobryn, Keroloth, Battleschlumpf, Dddsasul, IGN, Ryuujiin, Synsixx, wickedSkies, Eriri, randomer679, CaPower12, Wultiplicity, Pwanchy, DarkKnightWolf, Nullfinity, AtomicHoagie, DakotaSpine, Stedms, Saffrontato, Crizo, RocketCarrot, JeeveSobs, seedyman, CrazyChild, SolarSentinel, small_angry_owl, ChaosWasTaken, Dryblood, Synix and The_Illuminati have been added to the game!
  • New Hat styles by Popez, Sheribonbon, Dowiet, Eriri, Knightlock, Mansage, Fuzz, AdamantSpartan, billybeatable, AtomicHoagie, ZESTZKIDZ, PinkNekoGirl, Curare, Baltimore, Qoaleth, Mew2ian, Stedms, GadgetCAT, AtomicSmore, Aviarei, Zwatchdog, HaruFenix, Alaskan, Scheurmuis, Humpypants, Ampitere, Antoniouss, Aodahn, indal, Darklaw, GogestickCJ, Manouco, MCfan567, Xanthius, jokerr77, Forgive, Dusty_Mustard, Sokkan, Turtle_In_A_TopHat, IdaTheCat, Narwiff, Dominus_Storm, BuguSparkle, JordanX120, McClutchin, TeamRocketGrunt, DecibHell, Lisa_Kusya, Gregorius, TheFluffyRaptor and EyeballPrincessII have been added to the game!

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