Patch - Prehistoric Preview - August 30, 2016

Prehistoric Pack!

The Dino Tamer early access has arrived! Get your hands on this class before everyone else, exclusively available through the Prehistoric Pack!

The Prehistoric Pack contains:

Weekly Events

Additional Updates

  • Increased the amount of Lapis Luckbugs that can come from daily chests and gem booster boxes.
  • Non-tradable Class Coins can now be Loot Collected to turn them into experience coins worth the first 20 levels of xp! Also for a limited time they will also turn into a 3 day patron pass!
  • Experience Earned contest leaderboard now tracks only XP earned during the contest week instead of all-time XP. This will restart the leaderboard and any progress made on Monday of this week will not be counted.
  • Fixed bug where muzzle flash VFX didn't appear when firing mount cannons
  • Fixed bug where some mount cannons didn't play sounds when firing
  • Fixed a bug where the initial rotation of projectiles was slightly inaccurate.

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