Patch Notes - Dracocolatly Day - Sept 27, 2016

Weekly Updates

  • Event: From Sept 27 through Oct 3, all daily bonuses are active EVERY DAY!
  • Sales: From Sept 27 through Oct 10 save 66% when buying extra rows of inventory directly from the inventory UI!


  • The new dragon mount designed by community member TeeKayM, Dracocolatl, the Mellower, is now available to craft!
  • Players will need to locate Dracocolatl in the Candoria biome and defeat it to obtain Candorian Dragon Egg Fragments. Collect enough and you can craft this new dragon!
  • Be careful, Dracocolatl is a BEAST, many Trovians died to get this information.
  • This mount gives +5% health regeneration, +1000 maximum health and +50 magic find!


Autumn has Arrived! The Autumn Piñatas are now on the store!

Community Created Content

Class Updates / Fixes

  • The stun part of the Dino Tamer ultimate ability, 'Dino Mount' has been changed to be weaker when used in PvP
  • Damage from the Neon Ninja empowered class gem ability, 'Heuristic Haxstar' should now stack correctly.
  • Fixed the damage reduction of the Tomb Raiser ability, 'Banshee's Boon' to correctly reduce damage by 90% (the tooltip always said 90%, but the ability was previously only reducing by 75%).
  • Corrected certain Revenant Class Gems descriptions to remove the incorrect statement "does not taunt". Aegis Assaulty taunts just fine, thank you very much.
  • Adjusted the cooldown sound for the Ice Sage's gem power.
  • Updated the description on the Beckon Banshee Tomb Raiser gems.
  • Updated the description on the Lunar Luncer ability 'Lunacy' to reflect the actual reduced damage.

Additional Updates

  • Added a "Collapse All"/"Expand All" button to the collections UI
  • Expanded space in the Marketplace for a second line for the item name
  • When splitting a stack of items, you can now press Enter instead of having to click Move.
  • The Omni Recipe item now unlocks the White Die and Black Die recipes.
  • In Collections, Marketplace search button now only appears on items that can be listed in the Marketplace.
  • The charge up attack used by the tribal humanoids in the Jurassic Jungle should now hit for much less.

Bug Fixes

  • The Archeoceratops should now drop the correct trophy.
  • Removed some invisible plants in the canopy layer of Primal Preserve.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dino Tamer didn't contribute to the weekly Total Power Rank contest.
  • Anuran Trog Chiefs should now drop the proper trophy when defeated.
  • The Style Surprise should now properly give styles from the Jurassic Jungle!
  • Fix for a crash that could happen on start up.
  • Corrected height placement of dungeons in metaforge. They now match the in-game dungeon height exactly.
  • Fixed a bug where Patron Bonuses could apply twice in some situations.
  • Fix bug in Character sheet where some abilities didn't display or it displayed a previous class's ability.
  • Fix World chat channel being assigned to wrong numbered slot after changing worlds.
  • Fixed a bug with the catalog generator.
  • Club and Officer chests now show correct text when interacted with.
  • Fixed a bug with the currency display on the Marketplace.
  • Fixed the off-center icons in the Claims UI.

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