Hot Dog Edition

  • Pember the fiery corgi is now craftable at the Infinium Crafting Bench.
  • Pinatas now always drop 30 ore and sometimes it is Formicite or Shapestone, not just Infinium
  • Fixed the inventory chest item drop bug and client crash
  • The UIs for featured and personal worlds are now gone - we will be looking at other ways to find worlds, but these long since outstayed their usefulness.
  • You can now drop .binfab's onto the metaforge to add them to your inventory
  • Promo items now show up as unlocked in the Transmog section of the Collection UI
  • Fix for the Infinium PWNY being uncraftable
  • Fix for the friends list sorting
  • Tooltips for abilities and some other HUD elements now appear on mouseover

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