Pearlescent Pinions

Pearlescent Pinions

Pearlescent Pinions effect

Wings Gossamer Gliders

Category Wings
Type Badges
Stat 1 95 Movement Speed
Item ID

The truth is revealed to those who seek long enough.
— Item Tooltip

Pearlescent Pinions (a.k.a. "Gossamer Gliders") are wings that can be obtained by completing Badges. These wings are obtained by doing 25,000 quests.

Because they are a grant, they will automatically be added to your Collection. They are unable to be bought, sold, or traded.


  • They are one of the rarer wings in the game as they are very difficult to obtain. Not a lot of players have them, and most of the people that have them, have won them in 'Twitch Streamer Giveaways' through redeemable codes.

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