Permafrost Recipe

Permafrost Recipe

Category Recipe
Type Unlocker
Item ID
Unlock a random Permafrost recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Permafrost Recipes are gained by completing Recipe Lairs in the Permafrost Biome. They are a one-time-use item and will teach a player an unknown Permafrost Recipe when used. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls.

Permafrost Recipes

Like most recipes, Permafrost Recipes will unlock a recipe that the player has not already unlocked from the respective biome it was obtained from. There are a total of 43 Highlands Recipes.

Icy Pillar Top small

Icy Pillar Top

Icy Pillar Middle small

Icy Pillar Middle

Icy Pillar Bottom small

Icy Pillar Bottom

Igloo Front Left Quarter small

Igloo Front Left Quarter

Igloo Front Right Quarter small

Igloo Front Right Quarter

Igloo Back Quarter small

Igloo Back Quarter

Icelocked Tusk Top Section small

Icelocked Tusk Top Section

Icelocked Tusk Mid Section small

Icelocked Tusk Mid Section

Icelocked Tusk Bottom Section small

Icelocked Tusk Bottom Section

Ice Torch small

Ice Torch

Frozen Lamp Post Base small

Frozen Lamp Post Base

Frozen Lamp Post Middle small

Frozen Lamp Post Middle

Frozen Lamp Post Top small

Frozen Lamp Post Top

Silver Chain small

Silver Chain

Permafrost Plinth small

Permafrost Plinth

Festivus Gnome small

Festivus Gnome

Arctic Commando Gnome small

Arctic Commando Gnome

Frostfae Gnome small

Frostfae Gnome

Stormy Bed Head small

Stormy Bed Head

Stormy Bed Foot small

Stormy Bed Foot

Frosty Banner - Top small

Frosty Banner - Top

Frosty Banner - Middle small

Frosty Banner - Middle

Frosty Banner - Bottom small

Frosty Banner - Bottom

Arctic Habitat Painting small

Arctic Habitat Painting

Abstract Arctic Painting small

Abstract Arctic Painting

White Arrow - Up small

White Arrow - Up

White Arrow - Down small

White Arrow - Down

White Arrow - Left small

White Arrow - Left

White Arrow - Right small

White Arrow - Right

Blue Arrow - Up small

Blue Arrow - Up

Blue Arrow - Down small

Blue Arrow - Down

Blue Arrow - Left small

Blue Arrow - Left

Blue Arrow - Right small

Blue Arrow - Right

Long Icicle small

Long Icicle

Short Icicle small

Short Icicle

Permafrost Mood Lantern small

Permafrost Mood Lantern

Foamy Refreshment (Deco) small

Foamy Refreshment (Deco)

Christmas Tree Snowglobe small

Christmas Tree Snowglobe

Ice Sleigh small

Ice Sleigh

Tundra Qubesly Plushie small

Tundra Qubesly Plushie

Settled Snow Lynx small

Settled Snow Lynx

Wintry Watchdog small

Wintry Watchdog

Fireside Pemburr Pup small

Fireside Pemburr Pup