Category Block
Type Liquids
Group Gameplay
Placeable Club World
Item ID
Glowy robot goo.
— Item Tooltip

Plasma is a Resource used to craft Plasma Condenser in the Gardening Bench. Touching it will cause a player's energy to drain, similarly to lava's damaging effect.

Can be found throughout the Neon City Biome and in their Dungeons/Lairs. Obtainable by throwing a Plasma Sponge into it.

Plasma blocks can be placed only in a Club World.


Used to Craft

Crafting Station
Gardening Bench small Gardening Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Plasma small

Plasma 1
Robotic Salvage small

Robotic Salvage 1
Glim small

Glim 13
Plasma Condenser small Plasma Condenser 5

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