Power-up Cube

Power-up Cube

Category Power-up
Primary Biome Battle Arena
Blueprint ID

Power-up Cube are objects that instantly benefit or add extra abilities to players. This object can be seen in Battle Arena and spawn commonly in each 30 seconds when players consumed. Its motion effects is always spin around from left to right and move up and down.

Each Banner will give the player different sets of power-ups.

There are currently 14 power-ups in the game:

Image Power-ups Function
Juggernaut powerup Juggernaut Grants temporary immunity to damage, but reduces Movement Speed
Speed Booster powerup Speed Boost Grants a temporary boost to Movement Speed
Health Potion I powerup Health Boost Instantly restores some health
Icon crit hit Critical Eye Temporarily forces all attacks to become critical hits
Icon cooldown reduction Chronomatic Cantrip Instantly reduces all ability cooldowns
Icon jump pvp Jump Boost Grants a temporary boost to Jump
Icon reflect projectiles Mirror Shield Temporarily reflects enemies' projectile attacks
Icon knockback Kinetic Wave Knocks away all nearby enemies
Icon snare field Gravity Anchor Throws an object that decreases Movement Speed of nearby enemies
Icon speedfield Speed Pylon Throws an object that increases Movement Speed of nearby allies
Icon aoe heal Healing Wave Instantly restores some health to all nearby allies
Icon aoe energy Energizing Wave Instantly restores some energy to all nearby allies
Icon minion melee Angry Armorchick Spawns a melee minion which attacks enemies
Icon minion ranged Evilest Eye Spawns a ranged minion which attacks enemies