The Prime world consists of the "Primary" world of Trove. This Realm serves as the surface world where most loot, collectible items, resources, and biomes exist. Players can get most of their necessary items in this world as well as fight off various monsters that dwell within each biome. This world consists of many types of Ores including the common Shapestone, Formicite, Infinium and rare Golden Souls as well as biome-specific Somber Souls, Primordial Flames, and Glacial Shards.

This Realm consists of the Adventure Worlds which are dedicated to exploring, fighting beasts, leveling your character and obtaining loot. To begin your adventuring you can find the Adventure Portals in the Hub's Adventure Tower.

Currently there are 13 levels of Adventure Portals with more to come.


The Sun Goddess’s light still shines strong throughout the Prime Realms, home to wonders around every corner. Brave Trovians can venture to spectacular lands, from hill to highland, tundra to desert, and more. But be wary – dangers still lurk in the shadows.


These are the biomes that only exists in the Prime World.

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