Purifying Dragon Flame

Purifying Dragon Flame

Category Resource
Type Forging
Item ID

Crafted material used to forge Radiant equipment.
— Item Tooltip

Purifying Dragon Flame is a forging material crafted at the Dragon Crucible and used (along with Penta-Forged Shadow Souls) to upgrade Shadow Level 5 equipment to Radiant. You will need 24 in total to fully upgrade a Weapon, Mask and Hat to Radiant with 5 stars.

Cost of Increase

Items for Shadow Level 5 -> Radiant
Penta-Forged Shadow Soul small Penta-Forged Shadow Soul (3)
Purifying Dragon Flame small Purifying Dragon Flame (3)
Items for Star rating rank up
Flux small Flux (1,000)

Eye of Q'bthulhu small Eye of Q'bthulhu (70)
Purifying Dragon Flame small Purifying Dragon Flame (1)


Crafted materials

Crafting Station
Dragon Crucible small Dragon Crucible
Ingredient(s) Amount
Primordial Flame small

Primordial Flame 50
Radiant Shard small

Radiant Shard 300
Purifying Dragon Flame small Purifying Dragon Flame 1

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