With the release of Radiant items, players who forge their weapon higher than Shadow Level 5 will have the item give off an effect (a.k.a. Radiant Aura) to show it being a strong weapon that any player can see.

Hats can also give off a Stellar Aura at Stellar rarity.

You can modify your weapon's radiant aura using the Enchanted Forge.


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Radiant Aura
Item Description Effect Obtained
Wreath of Flames small Wreath of Flames Bathes your weapon in dancing fire.
Weapon aura fire
Unlocked by default
Glacial Grip small Glacial Grip Keeps your hands sweat-free and sends chills down your foes' spines.
Weapon aura ice gif
Unlocked by default
Fighting Lightning small Fighting Lightning Sparks all manner of shocking revelations for your enemies.
Weapon aura lightning gif
Unlocked by default
Enhancement Enchantment small Enhancement Enchantment Coat your weapon with conjured cantrips.
Weapon aura magic
Unlocked by default
Curse of Mortality small Curse of Mortality Engraves your weapon with one truth: 'All life must end'.
Weapon aura undead
Unlocked by default
Tough Love small Tough Love Bad Monsters get no treats.
Weapon aura heart
Rare drop while adventuring
50 mastery points
Mark of Mastery small Mark of Mastery Brand your weapon with this symbol of supremacy.
Weapon aura melee mastery
Mastery Rank 290
Glory of Victory small Glory of Victory Your skill in battle is unmatched. Weapon aura sky Battle Level 40
Sorrow of Defeat small Sorrow of Defeat Imbue your weapon with the tears of your foes. Weapon aura water Battle Level 30
Shadow Stain small Shadow Stain Envelops your weapon in perpetual purple patina.
Weapon aura corruption
Rare drop while adventuring
50 mastery points
Neon Nemesis small Neon Nemesis Turbo-charge your weapon with termination technology.
Weapon aura neon 01
Consume 50 Neon Dragon Souls
50 mastery points
Ancient Allure small Ancient Allure An old-timey enchantment with plenty of classic appeal
Weapon aura ancient
Consume 90 Ancient Dragon Souls
50 mastery points
Moonlit Majesty small Moonlit Majesty A peculiar lunar charm with inexplicable effects
Weapon aura lunar
Consume 75 Moonwing Dragon Souls
50 mastery points
Vile Majesty small Vile Majesty All must bow down, in due time.
Weapon aura bone
Consume 75 Bone Dragon Souls
50 mastery points
Winter Aura small Winter Aura Makes any weapon that much cooler
Weapon aura melee winter
Consume 75 Winter Dragon Souls
50 mastery points
Stroke of Starlight small Stroke of Starlight They may be distant, but the stars lend you their power
Weapon aura melee starlight
Consume 75 Starlight Dragon Souls
50 mastery points
Whispers of Chaos small Whispers of Chaos Chaotic thoughts invade your mind.
Weapon aura melee tentacle
Rare drop from Chaos Chests.
50 mastery points
Verses of Violence small Verses of Violence A fitting ode to the chaos of battle.
Weapon aura melee music
Rare drop from Chaos Chests or crafted at the Chaos Core Crafter.
50 mastery points
Hide Aura small Hide Aura For the love of subtlety. No effect Unlocked by default
In Progress
Item Description Effect Obtained
50px Brian's Balefire Aura Engraves your weapon with one truth: 'All life must end'. Will be released in future patches.
Floral Fantasy small Floral Fantasy Adorn your arms with blessed blossoms.
Weapon aura melee flower
Will be released in future patches.

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