Radiant Giant


Radiant Giant ingame

Category Giant
Primary Biome Radiant Ruins
AI Type Giant AI
Unique Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Radiant Shard small Radiant Shard
Radiant Cache small Radiant Cache Uncommon
Radiant Giant Wall Trophy small Radiant Giant Wall Trophy Rare
Blueprint ID
Enemy Radiant Giant

Radiant Giants are melee enemies located in the Radiant Ruins Biome. Sometimes they may have a modification and appear larger, but besides the modifier they do not have significantly increased stats or drops over regular giants.

They are similar in behavior to Shadow Giants.


  • Radiant Giants may be difficult to kill alone, as they are notably stronger than most monsters; however, they do not have as large an aggro range as other monsters, so it may be possible to sneak by without combat.
  • For ranged classes, standing atop a tree or digging it into a hole may be advisable. This will not work if the Giant has a teleportation modifier.