Rainbow Cubesettia Seed

Gardening Rainbow Cubesettia Seed

Category Gardening
Placeable Yes
Item ID
Randomly blooms into any primal colored cubesettia flower when mature.
— Item Tooltip

The Rainbow Cubesettia Seed is a Gardening item craftable in the Gardening Bench. It's plantable on any non-liquid block in the world, although sunlight is required for it to successfully grow. It's advisable to plant it on your Cornerstone or Club World, in order to properly protect it.

It takes 4 hours to grow and blooms into any primal colored cubesettia flower when complete.


Crafting Station
Gardening Bench small Gardening Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Rich Fertilizer small

Rich Fertilizer 1
Sunlight Bulb small

Sunlight Bulb 10
Primal Grey small

Primal Grey 20
Rainbow Cubesettia Seed small Rainbow Cubesettia Seed 10

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