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Rapt Berserker

Rapt Berserker

Rapt Berserker ingame

Category Ally
Type Raptor
Group Treasure Isles
Rarity Rarity shadow
Stat 1 +20% Physical Damage
Stat 2 +75 Power Rank
Stat 3 +15% max health & +30 mov speed for 5s on nearby enemy death
Item ID

Described by some as 'axe-wielding land sharks.'
— Item Description

The Rapt Berserker is a rare ally obtained from Raptor Soultrap. It grants the player 20% extra physical damage. In addition, it also heals the player for 15% of the maximum health and grants a +30 speed boost for 5 seconds when a nearby enemy dies.

This ally is similar to Prefect Penguin which grants 20% extra magic damage.

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