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Rarity commonRarity uncommonRarity rareRarity epicRarity legendaryRarity relicRarity resplendentRarity shadowRarity radiantFile:Rarity stellar.png

Rarity shows how good an item is. The sequence of rarities is as follows; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Relic, Resplendent, Shadow 1-5, Radiant, Stellar. Each tiered rarity is better than the last, with Stellar being considered "ultimate" gear. An item will have a colored border around its icon to let you know which rarity it is.

Normal Gear (PvE Gear)

Common items are the basic, starter equipment for any class.  They cannot be destroyed or style saved, and will never drop.

  • Adept Adventure Worlds will drop Rare items and rarely Epic items. Rare items are usable by characters leveled 4 and higher.
  • Elite Adventure Worlds will drop Epic items and rarely Legendary items. Epic items can be used by characters leveled 6 and higher.
  • Master Adventure Worlds will drop Legendary items and rarely Relic items. Legendary items can be used by characters level 8 and higher.  
  • Uber Worlds will drop a variety of Legendary, Relic, Resplendent, and rarely Shadow items.  U-1 portals will drop mostly Legendary items, and higher level Uber Worlds will drop more Relic, Resplendent, and Shadow items. Higher ubers has a chance to drop Shadow Level 2 or higher gear.

Increasing your Magic Find will also have a chance to increase the rarity of items you find and can trigger multiple times to get higher levels than normal.

Items of Shadow level or higher also have a rating of 1 to 5, designating how good an item they are.

After reaching Shadow level 5, players may use Purifying Dragon Flames to upgrade their gear further, to Radiant rarity. Radiant level weapons have a Radiant Aura that all players can see.

Radiant items can be upgraded further into Stellar equipment, through the use of Forged Radiant Souls and Shaper's Stars. Stellar hats, just like Radiant weapons, can have an effect with them that all players can see. Stellar weapons can also carry over their Radiant Auras.

It is possible for a Radiant and Stellar leveled items to drop, but it is recommended to have for high level Uber worlds and/or Shadow Tower. Radiant/Stellar level items are EXTREMELY rare to obtain than high leveled shadow items (unless players have high amounts of Magic Find while farming in Uber 6 worlds). If a player finds a stellar leveled item it becomes tradeable, however once the player forges the item in any way (adding stars, pearls, and/or chaos forge) it will then become un-tradeable.

Note: the highest shadow rarity for a ring is capped at Shadow Lv. 4.

Banners (PvP Gear)

In the Battle Arena, the rarity of the flag is shown in the tooltip under the item's name. Colours also indicate the item's rarity and corresponding to:

PvP Gear PvE Gear
Tattered Rarity

Ragged Rarity
Battle Worn Rarity
Superior Rarity
Pristine Rarity

Rarity uncommon

Rarity epic
Rarity relic
Rarity shadow
Rarity radiant

The higher quality determines the bonus pool it can pick from, bonuses are not tied to names.


Click the images to see full size and high quality

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