Realm Portal Sky

Realm Portal Sky

Realm Portal Sky effect

Category Portal
Type Sky Realm
Placeable Club World
Item ID
Teleports you to the Sky Realm. Can only be used by members of the club.
— Item Tooltip

The Sky Realm Portal (mainly known as Realm Portal: Sky) is a Realm portal that takes players to the Sky Realm. The Sky Realm is the equivalent to an Uber-5 Adventure Portal but with sky themed ores, materials, and enemies. Players must be a member of the club to use these portals.

Crafting Recipe

Crafting Station
Builder's Crafting Bench small Builder's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Flux small

Flux 100
Infinium Ore small

infinium 50
Realm Portal Sky small Realm Portal Sky 1

Experience Table

Description Experience
Lairs 88
Radiant Giant 198