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Consumed Recipe effect

The effect when consumed recipe.

Recipes can be learned by consuming Recipe Scrolls. Since the January 2015 update, Recipe Scrolls will always teach you a recipe you don't already know, and once a player has learned all of the recipes from a certain zone they can no longer be used. Multiple part recipes will require multiple scrolls to learn, unless a player purchases one of the older recipe scrolls, which teach all parts of a design. Recipe dungeons are only found in Uber worlds.

Recipes will unlock craftable decorations in the Workbench, or block recipes for the Cube Converter.

Learning a recipe grants 2 mastery points.

Obtaining Recipe Scrolls

Recipe Scrolls can be obtained in multiple ways, each having a unique set of recipes:

Recipe Lairs have, like normal lairs, unique themes for the biome they spawn in. They do however all contain the same creatures: 5 Shadow Drones and a Shadow Knight as boss. Unlike regular Lairs, Recipe Lairs spawn a Recipe Chest holding a recipe that fits the theme of the current biome after defeating the boss, instead of a normal loot-filled Chest.

In the first 3 tiers of the Runecrafting Bench, players can craft a block recipe of their choice using Blank Scrolls, Crystallized Clouds and Radiant Shards.

Every time an ore is mined, there is a low chance of getting a Miner's Trove. These uncommonly contain Block recipes when opened.

  • Recipe Ore:

Very rarely, a special "Recipe Ore" block might be hidden between ore. When destroyed, this block drops a random Block Recipe of any type for everyone nearby. Players are not guaranteed to receive the same recipe as those around them.

New recipes may be added during events, how the Recipe Scrolls need to be obtained may differ. Shadow's Eve and Turkeytopia recipes dropped from Shadow's Eve and Turkeytopia Mystery boxes. Snowfest Recipes drop from the Snowfest Mystery Boxes, and Winter recipes drop rarely from the Winter Pinata's.

List of Biome-based Recipes

All of these recipes are found in recipe dungeons in their respective biomes. Treasure Isles recipes, however, are randomly sold from a Treasure Isles Trader.

Runecrafting Recipes

Recipes created and learned from the Runecrafting Profession. All of these recipes can be obtained from Recipe Ore.

Rare Recipes

List of Holiday Recipes

  • Shadow's Eve
  • Turkeytopia
  • Movember
  • Snowfest

List of Seasonal Recipes

A certain kind of recipes can only be obtained through drops from the Seasonal Pinatas. These recipes can only be created using the Wheel of Seasons workbench. Some of these recipes require a special ingredient to be made, which can only grow in their particular season.

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