Red Terror Turtle
Category Mount
Type Tortoise
Group Battle Arena
Designer FriedSushi
Item ID

Don't get in its way.
— Item Tooltip

Red Terror Turtle is an exclusive battle mount that can be obtained through purchasing the Battle Pack from the Trove Store. Like other tortoise, the Red Terror Turtle can be mounted on ground including boating on water. Moreover, this mount can help you hold your current battle banner. This mount is similar to Blue Terror Turtle which can be obtained after purchasing from the Battle Broker in Hub for 50 Arena Coin.


  • This mount along with the other Battle Arena mounts were all created by the user FriedSushi as a project for the developers for the release of the Player versus Player (PvP) mode. There is no known forum post on these mounts, so it is anticipated as a side project from the modder to the developers.

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