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To avoid spamming of links and codes, please avoid posting your referral code in the comments section.

As much as we understand how difficult it can be to get referrals, we do not allow people posting links or codes of any sort. This will likely spam the Talk Page and/or comments section. This can also obstruct any questions people may have about the referral program. Any comments that contains codes and/or links will likely be removed.

The Refer-A-Friend program is a feature that allows players to gain rewards for getting their friends to play Trove.

Players will be able to send links to the Trove Referral Process to new players, but in order to get the point, the new player will have to reach a rank of Mastery 20.

Referral Process

Players who want to refer a friend will have to login to Glyph and go to the Trove game. There will be a section in the page where players can get to the link to start referring friends. Players can do either of the following to send a friend referral:

1) Inviting by Email
2) Sharing the code via Facebook
3) Sharing the code via Twitter
4) Send a link to other people who might be interested
(Example of Link"insert code here"&request_locale=en&experience=aaf&utm_

The code to refer a friend can be found in the link after "Code="

Exceptions and Limitations

There are some exceptions/limitations to the referral process:

  • PC Only: Beginning on July 5th 2015 (Steam Release), Players can only be referred IF they have created an account after the start of the referral process.
  • Players who have been referred will have to play through the game and reach Mastery 20 in order for the player sending the referral to receive credit.


Players who refer many friends will receive Badges with their respective reward: