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Resources can be found in every biome and are used to create objects and mounts. Some resources are biome specific meaning that they can only be found in certain biomes.


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Item Use Obtained
Dragon Coin small Dragon Coin • Crafting all Dragon Souls

• Hatching Dragon Eggs

Lesser and Greater Dragon Caches

• Completing Challenges

Dragon Coin Digest Legendary Tome (gives 25 coins)

Mega Dragon Coin reward from Daily Loot Chest

• Purchase in the Store

Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite • Crafting Diamond Dragon Eggs

• Crafting Builder's Superior Focuses

• Daily from Total Power Rank Leaderboards

Loot Collecting Diamond Dragon Eggs

Event rewards

Item Use Obtained
Water Gem Dust small Water Gem Dust • Upgrading Water Gems

• Hatching Palashien, Soul of the Sea

• Deconstructing Water Gems

• Opening Water Gem Dust Boxes

• Opening Water Gem Boxes

Air Gem Dust small Air Gem Dust • Upgrading Air Gems

• Hatching Scintilla, Spark of the Sky

• Deconstructing Air Gems

• Opening Air Gem Dust Boxes

• Opening Air Gem Boxes

Fire Gem Dust small Fire Gem Dust • Upgrading Fire Gems

• Hatching Za'Hadeen, Heart of the Flame

• Deconstructing Fire Gems

• Opening Fire Gem Dust Boxes

• Opening Fire Gem Boxes

Empowered Gem Fragment small Empowered Gem Fragment • Crafting a Stellar Empowered Gem Box • Deconstructing Radiant Empowered Gems for one fragment or Stellar Empowered Gems and Class Gems for two fragments
Class Gem Key Fragment small Class Gem Key Fragment • Crafting a Class Gem Key • Opening Empowered Gem Boxes
Jade Clover small Jade Clover • Boosting gem upgrades

• Crafting Glittering Horseshoes

Jade Clover Journal Legendary Tome(gives ?)

• Opening Gem Booster Boxes

• Opening Daily Loot Chests

Weekly Contests

Glittering Horseshoe small Glittering Horseshoe • Boosting gem upgrades

•crafting Lapis Luckbug

• Crafted using 10 Jade Clovers• Opening Gem Booster Boxes

• Opening Daily Loot Chests

Weekly Contests

Lapis Luckbug small Lapis Luckbug • Boosting gem upgrades

•crafting ninth life

• Opening Gem Booster Boxes

crafted using ? glittering horseshoe

Opening Daily Loot Chests

Weekly Contests

Ninth Life small Ninth Life • Boosting gem upgrades • Opening Gem Booster Boxes• Opening Daily Loot Chests

crafted using 25 lapis luckbug• Weekly Contests

Biome Specific
Item Use Obtained
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone • Crafting various Craftable Mounts/Allies
• Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Desert Frontier and Dragonfire Peaks)

• Crafting Bone Dragon Souls

• Loot from skeletal-based enemies
• Found as plants in the Dragonfire Peaks and Desert Frontier Biomes

Chaos Chests

Bottle small Bottle • Crafting Origin Portal Potions, Fun Factory, Worldspring Gardening
• Plants in the Desert Frontier and Permafrost biomes
• Lava Fishing (Glass Gazer)

Chaos Chests

Enchanted Wood small Enchanted Wood • Crafting Boats
• Crafting various Decoration (Mainly wood-like furniture)

• Crafting some Mounts

• Plants in the Fae Forest, Cursed Vale, and Medieval Highlands biomes
• Chocolate fishing (Fudgsicle Fish)

Chaos Chests

Faerie Dust small Faerie Dust • Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Fae Forest)

• Crafing some Mounts

• Defeating Fae enemies in the Fae Forest, Permafrost and Magical Atoll biomes
• Water fishing (Enchanting Faefish)

Chaos Chests

Glacial Shard small Glacial Shard • Crafting some Mounts
• Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Permafrost)
• Crafting Ice/Water themed blocks

• Crafting Azulian and Winter Dragon Souls

• Found from ore within or near a Permafrost biome
• Water fishing (Frozen Orefish)

Chaos Chests

Golden Soul small Golden Soul • Crafting various Craftable Mounts/Allies
• Crafting Dragon Souls
• Mildly-uncommon; found in some ore veins in every biome except Cursed Vale
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk Gardening Profession
• Crafting Ancient Dragon Souls
• Defeating Mushroom Men
• Gardening
• Destroying mushrooms in the Medieval Highlands and Cursed Vale
Mycological Manual Tome (gives ?)
• Chocolate Fishing (Candycap Mushfish)
Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame • Crafting Purifying Dragon Flames
• Crafting Bombs
Ringcrafting Profession
• Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Dragonfire Peaks)
• Mining
• Lava Fishing (Flamesnout Orefish)

Chaos Chests

Robotic Salvage small Robotic Salvage • Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Neon City and Mechanical items)
• Crafting Mount: PWN-E
• Crafting Neon Nightsky Wings• Crafting Neon Dragon Souls
• Obtained by defeating robots in Neon City
Cybernetics Catalogue Tome(gives ?)

Chaos Chests

Somber Soul small Somber Soul • Crafting Undead Mounts
• Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Cursed Vale)
• Obtained from mining in the Cursed Vale and Cursed Islands
Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor • Crafting Tomes
• Crafting various Decoration
• Defeating insect/bug Enemies

Chaos Chests

Wild Cupcake small Wild Cupcake • Crafting Mount: Scoops
• Crafting various Decoration (Mainly Candoria)
• Defeating residents of Candoria
• Harvesting in Candoria
• Gardening
• Chocolate Fishing (Crawling Cupcake)

Chaos Chests

Golden Seashell small Golden Seashell • Crafting Sails, Boats and Mounts • Completing dungeons in The Lost Isles and Treasure Isles biomes

• Destroying floating buoys

Meteorite Fragment small Meteorite Fragment • Crafting Jurassic Jungle decorations • Found as plants in the Primal Preserve biome
Item Use Obtained
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore • Crafting Rings
• Crafting various Decoration
Miner's Trove
• Mining
• Lava Fishing (Shapestone Orefish)

Shapestone Survey Tome (gives ? )

Chaos Chests

Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore • Crafting various Colored/Metallic/Glowing Blocks

• Crafting Erel, the Ironbolt
• Crafting various Decoration

Miner's Trove
• Mining
• Lava Fishing (Formicite Orefish)

Formicite Formula Tome (gives ?)

Chaos Chests

Infinium Ore small Infinium Ore • Crafting Terraformers
• Crafting Sky Portal
• Crafting various Decoration
Miner's Trove
• Mining
• Lava Fishing (Infinium Orefish)

Infinium Miner's Almanac Tome (gives ?)

Chaos Chests

Forging Materials
Item Obtained
Flux small Flux • Loot Collecting unneeded items
• Various Caches / Chests
Flux Folio Tome (gives 100 flux)
• Fishing (Saltwater Swordfish, Lava Lancefish, Candied Cutterfish)

• Common drop in Titan's Treasure

Mega Flux reward from Daily Loot Chest

•chaos chests

Glim small Glim • Destroying vegetation

• Deconstructing Fish, Shadow Tower Keys and Minor/Major Experience Coins

• Various Caches / Chests

Glim Grimoire Tome (gives 150 glim)

Eye of Q'bthulhu small Eye of Q'bthulhu • Deconstructing Shadow, Radiant or Stellar items
• Opening Shadow Caches• Defeating Shadow Giants
Chaos Chests
Eye Encyclopedia Tome

Oculus Opus Legendary Tome (gives 400 eyes)

Tentacle of Q'bthulhu small Tentacle of Q'bthulhu • Obtained from opening Shadow Caches
• Defeating Shadow Giants.
Tentacle Tract Tome. (gives 1 tentacle)

Ropey Readings Legendary Tome. (gives 25 tentacles)

Pearl of Wisdom small Pearl of Wisdom

• Random drop while adventuring

Chaos Chests

Twinkling Tome small Twinkling Tome

• Purchase in the Store
Chaos Chests

Twice-Forged Shadow Soul small Twice-Forged Shadow Soul • Deconstruct Shadow Level 2 items.
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul small Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul • Deconstruct Shadow Level 3 items.
Quad-Forged Shadow Soul small Quad-Forged Shadow Soul • Deconstruct Shadow Level 4 items.
Penta-Forged Shadow Soul small Penta-Forged Shadow Soul • Deconstruct Shadow Level 5 items
Forged Radiant Soul small Forged Radiant Soul • Deconstruct Radiant and Stellar items
Purifying Dragon Flame small Purifying Dragon Flame • Crafted in the Dragon Crucible
Shaper's Star small Shaper's Star • Drops when opening an Everdark Vault with a Shaper's Star Key
Item Use Obtained
Ancient Scale small Ancient Scale • Crafting Boats, Sails, Fishing Poles and Mounts • Deconstructing rare Fish
Enchanted Scale small Enchanted Scale • Crafting Mount: Enchanted Jellyfish • Deconstructing Enchanted Fish, obtained by fishing with the Lady of the Lake fishing pole
Old Boot small Old Boot • Crafting Allies • Commonly by fishing
Profession - Gardening
Item Obtained
Sunlight Bulb small Sunlight Bulb • World exploration (Peaceful Hills) "dungeons"

Chaos Chests

Rich Fertilizer small Rich Fertilizer • Gardening

Rich Fertilizer Factuary Tome (gives ?)

Fertile Ash small Fertile Ash • Gardening
Plasmic Solution small Plasmic Solution • Gardening
Steed Feed small Steed Feed • Gardening
Chaos Chests
Profession - Ringcrafting
Item Obtained
Diamond small Diamond Ringcrafting
Miner's Trove(rare)
• Lava Fishing (Pressurized Coalfish)

Chaos Chests

Shadow Diamond small Shadow Diamond Ringcrafting

Miner's Trove (very rare)

Chaos Chests

Profession - Runecrafting
Item Obtained
Crystallized Cloud small Crystallized Cloud • Mining in the Radiant Ruins biome, found in the Sky Realms and Cursed SkylandsChaos Chests
Radiant Shard small Radiant Shard • Darkheart Lairs in the Radiant Ruins biome, found in the Sky Realms and Cursed Skylands
Radiant Giants
Radiant Caches
• Water Fishing (Radiant Shardine)

Chaos Chests

Blank Scroll small Blank Scroll • Deconstructing Block Recipe or Recipe Scrolls
Radiant Caches
• Water Fishing (School of Fish)

Chaos Chests

Shadow Tower
Item Use Obtained
Shadow Key Fragment small Shadow Key Fragment • Crafting Shadow Keys • Adventuring in Uber 1-5 Prime worlds
Moon Key Fragment small Moon Key Fragment • Crafting Moon Keys • Adventuring in Uber 6-7 Prime worlds
Eclipse Key Fragment small Eclipse Key Fragment • Crafting Eclipse Keys • Adventuring in Uber 8-9 Prime worlds
Shadow Shard small Shadow Shard • Crafting Shadow Caches• Hatching Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark • Shadow Vaults, after defeating a Shadow Titan in a normal Shadow Tower
Heart of Darkness small Heart of Darkness • Crafting various Allies, Mounts, Sails, Tomes and a Mag Rider• Hatching Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow • Rare drop from Shadow Cache
Seasonal & Event
Item Use Obtained
Spring Bloom small Spring Bloom • Crafting Spring themed Decoration • Gardening (during spring time)
Candy Corn small Candy Corn • Crafting Nightmare Mystery Boxes • Completing Shadow Arenas (only during Shadow's Eve)
Chestnut small Chestnut • Crafting Winter/Snowfest themed Decoration
• Crafting Pemburr the Caroling Corgi
• Gardening (during winter time)
Pumpkin small Pumpkin • Crafting Shadow's Eve/Turkeytopia themed Decoration • Gardening (during autumn time)
• World exploration (Peaceful Hills during Shadow's Eve)
Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest
Turkeytopia Mystery Box

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