Rich Fertilizer

Rich Fertilizer

Category Material
Type Gardening
Item ID
Crafting Material. Created through gardening.
— Item Tooltip

Rich Fertilizer is a crafting material obtained through the Gardening skill by planting Unripe Compost Heaps. It's used to make gardening items at almost every tier. 

Players will need 1 Water, 3 Mushroom Chunk and 13 Glims which will create 5 Unripe Compost Heaps. Unripe Compost Heap requires one hour to mature after being planted, after which it can be harvested.


Crafting Station
Gardening Bench small Gardening Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Water small

Water 1
Mushroom Chunk small

Mushroom Chunk 3
Glim small

Glim 13
Unripe Compost Heap small Unripe Compost Heap 5

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