Sabaddar, Summer's Rapture

Sabaddar, Summer's Rapture


Category Mount
Type War Horse
Group Promo
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Designer Fizzinc
Mastery Points 50
Movement Speed 90
Item ID
He celebrates the season's warmth and light without a thought of tomorrow.
— Item Description

Sabaddar, Summer's Rapture is a War Horse Mount that can be obtained during the Blocky Bonus giveaway event. Players who login from September 26 to October 23 can recieve this mount in the game's Store under Deals; getting this mount via free distribution from the store will automatically unlock the mount.


  • This mount, along with the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Kami were created by Fizzinc. This mount was originally called 'Natsu, The Warmth of Summer' Mod. The original thread can be seen HERE.

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