Sea of Tranquility Terraformer

Sea of Tranquility Terraformer

Category Terraformer
Item ID
Terraform a zone into the Sea of Tranquility. BE WARNED - this will destroy everything in that zone, as well as the borders of adjacent zones.
— Item Tooltip

The Sea of Tranquility Terraformer is a consumable item that allows a person to Terraform his/her Club World into a Sea of Tranquility biome. This is also the starter biome for all club worlds. Once used, the Terraformer will be consumed and a Sea of Tranquility biome will be automatically created over the biome you have selected.


Crafting Station
Worldspring small Worldspring
Ingredient(s) Amount
Infinity Frame small

Infinity Frame 1
Primordial Flame small

Primordial Flame 20
Glacial Shard small

Glacial Shard 50
Sea of Tranquility Terraformer small Sea of Tranquility Terraformer 1

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