Shadow Drone
Category Fae
Type Shadow
Biome Anywhere
- Recipe Lairs
AI Type Fae
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim (1-2) Common
Shadow Drone Wall Trophy small Shadow Drone Wall Trophy N/A

Shadow Drones are melee enemies located in any biome. They can only spawn in recipe lairs.

They also appear in the Shadow Tower.


  • Shadow Drones are only found in and around Recipe Lairs in groups of five.
  • These enemies do not need to be defeated to get the recipe.
  • Can also be found in Shadow Towers that appear as a Dungeon before activating the Cursed Skulls as well as in the first wave of enemies for it.


  • Even though the wall trophy for this enemy is in the game, it is currently unobtainable due to it being coded not to drop its respective trophy item.

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