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Shadow Hydra

Shadow Hydra Model

Shadow Hydrakken ingame

Category Titan
Type Hydra
Affinity Shadow
Biome Shadow Tower (every 4th room)
AI Type Shadow Hydra

Titan Shadow Hydrakken

The Shadow Hydrakken is a community-created Shadow Titan that was created by FriedSushi for the "Create a Trove boss, like a boss" Contest. It was officially announced the winner of the contest in the August 7 Trove Livestream.




Although the Three Rulers of the Oceans claim dominion over all that is maritime, legends speak of a fourth ruler, patiently observing from the darkest depths. The existence of the Shadow Hydra lends credence to the existence of this mysterious Fourth, for no other Ruler of the Sea claims the multi-headed monstrosity as one of their own.
— Submission thread's lore



  • The original concept forum post can be seen HERE.

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