Shadow Titans are large Bosses that appear in the final (4th) room in the Shadow Tower. Each boss has its own behavior and attacks that are complex unlike normal enemies and mini-bosses. Defeating each Titan once a week will give players Titan Souls (Lunar Souls for the Final Titan) that can be used to obtain items from the Shadowy Market.

There are currently 5 known titans and 4 that are currently able to be fought.

Playable Titans

Spike Walker

Icon portrait spikewalker
See full page: Spike Walker.

The Spike Walker is a large mechanical spider piloted by Dr. Darknik (confirmed name from the September 11 Trove Stream), a mad scientist of the Shadow Realm who creates large shadowy cybernetic weapons. This mechanical spike walker spawns deadly spikes everywhere it walks and has a variety of attacks that deal damage as well as spawn even more spikes. This boss can be dangerous because the spikes cannot be destroyed and deal more damage than regular spikes.

Weeping Prophet

Icon portrait prophet
See full page: Weeping Prophet.

The Weeping Prophet is a towering fiend of the Shadow Realm with an ominous look with two large floating eyes and holes on its head that have shadow stains dripping out of it. This boss has a range of attacks that involve swinging its large tentacles, "crying" shadow stains, spawning small eye minions, and using its large eyes to shoot blazing lasers at players. It's not very harmful on its own, but if the minions are left unattended, this boss can prove to be devastating.

Vengeful Pinata God

Icon portrait pinata
See full page: Vengeful Pinata God.

The Vengeful Pinata God is the god of all pinatas of Trove. This vengeful pinata is fighting back against all the Trovians who used the pinatas as simple punching bags of loot and is out for revenge. This pinata does a simple stomp attack on to nearby players. It is first seen with chains/muzzle on its mouth that (if damaged enough) can fall off, allowing the Pinata God to perform more attacks. Breaking the pinata even further will spawn multiple pinata variants that attack the player in large numbers.

Daughter of the Moon

Icon portrait luna
See full page: Daughter of the Moon.

The Daughter of the Moon is a god-like warrior made by the hands of Q'bthulu, possibly using the power of the Moon Goddess. She is considered as the main final boss of the game, dwelling in the final floor and room of the Shadow Tower. This warrior uses various methods of attack: wielding a large sword, using a hand pistol, and various magic attacks. She has a total of 4 stages in battle and can switch between weapons as her health diminishes.

In Progress

Shadow Hydra

Shadow Hydra Concept 1

Concept art as seen in the forum post

See full page, Shadow Hydra.

The Shadow Hydra is a community-created Shadow Titan concept that was created by forum user and mod creator FriedSushi for the "Create a Trove boss, like a boss" Contest. It will possibly appear in future patches that will include several new Titans.

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