Shadow Tower Vault

Shadow Tower Vault

Shadow Tower Vault ingame

Item ID

The Shadow Tower Vault is a type of chest that appears after killing a Shadow Titan Shadow Tower. It requires a Shadow, Moon or Eclipse Key to open (the key used depending on the difficulty of the Shadow Tower).

It drops different loot depending on the the difficulty level (Uber 3-9).

In addition to unique drops, it always grants a large quantity of Relic or higher rarity equipment.

Everdark Vault small Everdark Vault
Key Loot Uber Difficulty Amount
Shadow Key small Shadow Key Shadow Shard small Shadow Shard Uber 2-3 3-8
Moon Key small Moon Key Shadow Cache small Shadow Cache Uber 4-7 1-2
Eclipse Key small Eclipse Key Shadow Cache small Shadow Cache Uber 8-9 3-4
Item Amount Rarity
Dream Monster Wall Trophy small Dream Monster Wall Trophy 1 Rare
Spikewalker Trophy small Spikewalker Trophy 1 Rare
Weeping Prophet Trophy small Weeping Prophet Trophy 1 Rare
Vengeful Pinata God Trophy small Vengeful Pinata God Trophy 1 Rare
Moon Daughter's Trophy small Moon Daughter's Trophy 1 Rare
Spikewalker Hatchling small Spikewalker Hatchling 1 Rare
Twitching Tentacle small Twitching Tentacle 1 Rare
Kami of Smoldering Scorn small Kami of Smoldering Scorn 1 Rare

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