Shadow Tower Vault
Item ID

The Shadow Tower Vault is a type of chest that appears after killing a Shadow Titan Shadow Tower. It requires a Shadow, Moon or Eclipse Key to open (the key used depending on the difficulty of the Shadow Tower).

It drops different loot depending on the the difficulty level (Uber 3-9).

In addition to unique drops, it always grants a large quantity of Relic or higher rarity equipment.

Shadow Tower Vault small Shadow Tower Vault
Key Loot Uber Difficulty Amount
Shadow Key small Shadow Key Shadow Shard small Shadow Shard Uber 2-3 3-8
Moon Key small Moon Key Shadow Cache small Shadow Cache Uber 4-7 1-2
Eclipse Key small Eclipse Key Shadow Cache small Shadow Cache Uber 8-9 3-4
Item Amount Rarity
Dream Monster Wall Trophy small Dream Monster Wall Trophy 1 Rare
Spikewalker Trophy small Spikewalker Trophy 1 Rare
Weeping Prophet Trophy small Weeping Prophet Trophy 1 Rare
Vengeful Pinata God Trophy small Vengeful Pinata God Trophy 1 Rare
Moon Daughter's Trophy small Moon Daughter's Trophy 1 Rare
Spikewalker Hatchling small Spikewalker Hatchling 1 Rare
Twitching Tentacle small Twitching Tentacle 1 Rare
Kami of Smoldering Scorn small Kami of Smoldering Scorn 1 Rare

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