Shkeletal Shmeep

Shkeletal Shmeep


Shkeletal Shmeep 1

Category Mount
Type Horse
Group Shmeep
Designer taux
Item ID
It appears to have calmly accepted its lot in unlife.
— Item Tooltip

Shkeletal Shmeep is a Craftable Mount created in the Adventure's Crafting Bench. Like most Shmeep variants, it requires the player to have a Shmeep and its necessary materials to craft it (in this case it would be Somber Souls and Bleached Bones).


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Adventurer's Crafting Bench small Adventurer's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Shmeep Talisman small

Shmeep Talisman 1
Somber Soul small

Somber Soul 100
Bleached Bone small

Bleached Bone 150
Steed Feed small

Steed Feed 500
Shkeletal Shmeep small Shkeletal Shmeep 1



  • The Shkeletal Shmeep and its counterparts are all created by various users as a collaboration. This one was made by user taux. The original mod can be found HERE.

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