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Shmeep 1

Category Mount
Type Horse
Group Shmeep
Designer FriedSushi
Item ID
A friendly shmeep.
— Item Tooltip

The Shmeep is a rare mount that is dropped randomly during adventuring in Uber 8 and higher Adventure Worlds. Its drop rate is similar to that of Pemblocks and Meownts and is used to craft other versions of it (excluding the Starry Shmeep).

Shmeeps can be found when killing monsters and completing dungeons. The drop is usually very random and can often be missed until players see it in their inventory. These mounts can be found even more often when adventuring during Thursday's Daily Bonus which increases the drop rate by 200%.

Often players will find other counterparts, like Pemblocks and Meownt, which has same drop rate.


Used to Craft

Shmeep small Shmeep
Result Item (Quantity) Crafted in...
Shminty Shmeep small Shminty Shmeep Shmeep small Shmeep
Wild Cupcake small Wild Cupcake (200)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Adventurer's Crafting Bench small Adventurer's Crafting Bench
Shkeletal Shmeep small Shkeletal Shmeep Shmeep small Shmeep
Somber Soul small Somber Soul (100)
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone (50)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Lava-Basted Lamb small Lava-Basted Lamb Shmeep small Shmeep
Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame (200)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Shucculent Shmeep small Shucculent Shmeep Shmeep small Shmeep
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone (150)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Lampooning Lambshade small Lampooning Lambshade Shmeep small Shmeep
Heart of Darkness small Heart of Darkness (4)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Shrubbery Shmeep small Shrubbery Shmeep Shmeep small Shmeep
Faerie Dust small Faerie Dust (200)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Shiege Shmeep small Shiege Shmeep Shmeep small Shmeep
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore (500)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Onboard R.A.M. small Onboard R.A.M. Shmeep small Shmeep
Robotic Salvage small Robotic Salvage (100)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Sagacity Yak small Sagacity Yak Shmeep small Shmeep
Glacial Shard small Glacial Shard (300)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)
Shwag Shmeep small Shwag Shmeep Shmeep small Shmeep
Golden Seashell small Golden Seashell (200)
Glim small Glim (500)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (500)



  • The Shmeep and its counterparts are all created by various users as a collaboration. This one was made by user FriedSushi. The original mod can be found HERE.

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