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Snowfest Pack
Ui store pack winter
Credit Icon 3,000
Tis the Season to indulge with festive looks and mounts!

Contains: 1 Joyous Dragon Egg, 5 mounts (Swanky Snowman, Delicious Direwolf, Permataur, Wayfaring Warbear, Weyrfir), 4 Costumes (Cyberian Survivor (Dino Tamer), Rat Royale (Pirate Captain), Nut Cracker (Shadow Hunter), Plum Powerhouse (Dracolyte))
— Trove Store Description

Snowfest Pack is a cosmetic pack released in the 2016 Snowfest event. It currently costs 3,000 Credits and includes many winter themed mounts and costumes.


This pack includes the following:

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