Snowfest Surprise

Snowfest Surprise

Category Recipe
Type Consumable
Item ID
Unlock a random Snowfest recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Snowfest Surprise are Holiday Recipes than can be obtained during the Snowfest Event. Snowfest Surprises can only be obtained commonly through Snowfest Mystery Boxes. They are one-time use items, and will always teach the player a Snowfest recipe they don't already know. Players who know all recipes will be unable to use the Snowfest Recipes, but can deconstruct them for Blank Scrolls.

Snowfest Recipes

These items are Winter/Christmas themed, and can be created at the Snowfest Table in the Hub.

  • Peaceful Hills Snow Cube
  • Medieval Highlands Snow Cube
  • Desert Frontier Snow Cube
  • Cursed Vale Snow Cube
  • Permafrost Snow Cube
  • Fae Wilds Snow Cube
  • Dragonfire Peaks Snow Cube
  • Neon City Snow Cube
  • Candorian Snow Cube
  • Firewood Bundle
  • Hanging Mistletoe
  • Floating Snowflake
  • Wintry Wreath
  • Blue Snowfest Candle
  • White Snowfest Candle
  • Red Snowfest Candle
  • Green Snowfest Candle
  • Black Snowfest Candle
  • Colorful Snowfest Lights
  • Plain Snowfest Lights
  • Chilly Snowfest Lights
  • Scarlet Stocking
  • Evergreen Stocking
  • Cool Snowfest Present
  • Classic Snowfest Present
  • Traditional Snowfest Present
  • Snow Queen Ice Sculpture
  • Reindeer Statue
  • Play Sleigh
  • Mounted Bell
  • Silverwing Bell
  • Gilderwing Bell
  • Small Snowman
  • Super-Sized Snowman Head
  • Super-Sized Snowman Body