Balls are stackable items crafted from the Fun Factory and used for sport, most commonly on player-created fields in Club Worlds. Balls cost 1 Glim to create (with the exception of the Party Ball which needs 1 Party Animal + 1 Glim to craft)

Players can only throw one type of ball at a time if they are close to each other; If another is thrown, the last ball of the same type will disappear, Balls that have been spawned far from each other and come near the range of each other will also make the oldest ball spawned disappear. Balls will also despawn after a period of time to prevent lagging from balls that are scattered around the world.

The balls also can explode when they touch glowing blocks, The explosion has the color of the glowing block that it exploded on.

General Balls
Interactive ball soccer
Interactive ball basketball
Interactive ball beach
Interactive ball pinata
Interactive ball trove
Soccer Ball Basketball Beach Ball Party Ball Trove Ball
Animal Balls
Interactive ball cow
Interactive ball hellbug
Interactive ball chick-0
Interactive ball qubsley
Cow Ball Bouncy Bug Ball Chick Ball Cubesly Ball
Interactive ball mushroom red
Interactive ball mushroom purple
Red Shroomball Purple Shroomball
Mush Balls
Interactive ball golf green
Interactive ball golf pink
Interactive ball golf orange
Interactive ball golf blue
Green Mini-Mush Pink Mini-Mush Yellow Mini-Mush Blue Mini-Mush

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