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Spike Walker

Icon portrait spikewalker

Spike Walker Model

Spike Walker Mech Model

Spike Walker Dr. Darknik Model


Category Titan
Type Shadow
Biome Shadow Tower (4th room, 1st Floor)
AI Type Spike Walker
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Titan Soul small Titan Soul (1-5


Once every week
Spikewalker Hatchling small Spikewalker Hatchling Rare
Spikewalker Trophy small Spikewalker Trophy Rare
50px - (-) -
50px - (-) -
50px - (-) -

A massive mechanical monster with powerful spike attacks.

The Spike Walker (a.k.a. Dr. Darknik) is a Shadow Titan in the Shadow Realm location: the Shadow Tower. It is the first titan (located at the 4th room of the first floor) that players will face on Normal, Hard and/or Ultra mode. It rewards 1x Titan Soul when done on Normal Mode for the first time each week, 3x Titan Souls when done on Hard Mode for the first time each week, and 5x Titan Souls when done on Ultra Mode for the first time each week.

Like all titans, he is immune to being frozen, stunned, or knocked back.


It was first hinted in the Create a Trove boss, like a boss and then finally featured on the July 24 Trove Stream with an animated .GIF file of it's walking animation. In the September 4 Trove Stream they showed off the Titan outside the Shadow Tower with it's battle animations and VFX's fully completed.


Stage 1

The Spike walker starts off with various attacks that can deal damage to surrounding players. He can also spawn spikes everywhere he walks (if there is any space for the spike to spawn) that will only last about 60 seconds at a time. Here are a few attacks he is capable of performing:

  • Leg Slam: Slams one leg/foot on to the target, spawning spikes as it touches the ground. Has a 2 block hitbox on contact to the ground. (Automatically used while moving)
  • Spike Slam: Slams a large platform of spikes that generate a 3x6 spike floor when hitting the ground.
  • Spike Bomb: The machine compacts itself and shoots out a shield of spikes around itself that causes AoE damage and knockback to nearby enemies (about a 20 block hitbox).
  • Spikeling Spawns: Spawns several (about 5) Spikebots to attack for him.

Stage 2

Once the Spike Walker has less than 50% of his health, he will attack at a faster rate and move more quickly. His Spike Bomb not only will have a higher hitbox, but it will also roll about in the direction it is facing, hitting repeatedly and dealing even more AoE damage.


Dealing with this boss can be a bit challenging. Keeping this boss in one place will help tremendously. Having the boss still will likely spawn less spikes within the area, so try not to move around or the floor will become covered in spikes dealing massive damage everywhere you stand. It is recommended to have at least 2 players to take damage while ranged players deal damage to the boss. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with this boss:

  • Make sure you have good gear. The Death-Defying Vial is recommended, as well as an Unyielding Emblem which can benefit players in protecting against spikes and/or AoE damage.
  • Make use of the damage multipliers if possible as well as using Emblems to boost damage (Martial Emblem for Physical attackers and Arcane Emblem for Magic users).
  • Try not to get hit with his Spike Bomb attack; it does a lot of damage and will knock you back a fair amount. (this will increase your time)
  • Attacking any part of the boss does the same damage, so melee attackers under it will still do damage to the boss as long as they hit the legs.


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