Spooky Swag Bag
Ui store pack spooky
$9,99 USD
Trick yourself out and treat yourself to a Drak-O-Lantern dragon egg, 5 mounts including Kami of Autumn's Retreat, Meowling Moonling, Foreboding Fowl, Bouncy Brown Bat, Bat-Boosted Broom, and 4 costumes: the Trovian Defender (Knight), Mermaid (Ice Sage), S'More Sweetness (Dracolyte), and Treasure Trovian (Pirate Captain).
10 Patron Points
— Trove Store Description

Spooky Swag Bag is a cosmetic pack released in the 2016 Shadow's Eve event. It currently costs $9.99 USD and includes many Halloween themed mounts and costumes.


This pack includes the following:

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