Sun Lair
Sunlight lair
Type Lair – Sunflower
Biome Peaceful Hills

Sun Lair is a lair which generate randomly in Peaceful Hills biome and it's the only lair in Peaceful Hills. It's appearance looks like a giant smiley sunflower is grown on the glass small house, with few petals are falling from sky. Here you can harvest Sunlight Bulb, used in Gardening profession to create seeds for many different plants, though most are decorative.

These do not feature any kinds of enemies, but some of them have spikes and fireballs. There are a few different variations of this Lair, sometimes the sunflower's eyes are open, sometimes the face is open, sometimes you can get into the hollow head from above, and sometimes the bottom is made of brown blocks rather than glass. There are also three bottom variations, one with spikes, one with flame throwers and one with a closed bottom.


  • The sunflower on top of the sun lair may be a reference to the Sunflower Plant from Plants v.s. Zombies.