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Terraformers are used to expand your Club World. Created at a World Spring with an Infinity Frame, Shapestone, zone-specific ingredient, and Glim , they'll expand your world and create a new Biome based on the type of Terraformer you create.

In order to use a Terraformer, the player must have Leader or Officer privileges on the club world.

To use a terraformer, equip it in your item hotbar and hold the corresponding key down when facing a zone with the Sea of Regret biome.

Different types of terraformers :

Terraformer Biome
Sea of Deep Regret Terraformer small Sea of Deep Regret Terraformer Sea of Deep Regret
Sea of Tranquility Terraformer small Sea of Tranquility Terraformer Sea of Tranquility
Treasure Isles Terraformer small Treasure Isles Terraformer Treasure Isles
Peaceful Field Terraformer small Peaceful Field Terraformer Peaceful Field
Peaceful Hills Terraformer small Peaceful Hills Terraformer Peaceful Hills
Tabula Rasa Terraformer small Tabula Rasa Terraformer Tabula Rasa
Medieval Highlands Terraformer small Medieval Highlands Terraformer Medieval Highlands
Frigga's Fjord Terraformer small Frigga's Fjord Terraformer Frigga's Fjord
Permafrost Terraformer small Permafrost Terraformer Permafrost
Desert Frontier Terraformer small Desert Frontier Terraformer Desert Frontier
Uncanny Valley Terraformer small Uncanny Valley Terraformer Uncanny Valley
Volcanic Fields Terraformer small Volcanic Fields Terraformer Volcanic Fields
Neon City Terraformer small Neon City Terraformer Neon City
Candoria Terraformer small Candoria Terraformer Candoria
Saurian Swamp Terraformer small Saurian Swamp Terraformer Saurian Swamp
Primal Preserve Terraformer small Primal Preserve Terraformer Primal Preserve
50px Forbidden Spires Terraformer Forbidden Spires

These are all the types of terraformers there are to transform your Club World's "terrain" into a specific biome depending on the terraformer type.