The Artifact
2016-08-20 161207
Type Swarm Lair
Designer _Dusty_Mustard_
Biome Medieval Highlands

The Artifact is a Swarm Lair that generates randomly in the Medieval Highlands biome. It appears as a small, gray temple surrounded by flowers.

It always contains Swarm Cursed Skulls.


At the base of the temple are 4 small staircases leading directly up to the top. The staircases are surrounded by small pools, which are supplied by water flowing down the edges of a larger pool on the roof of the temple.

The sides of the temple are open, allowing easy access to the center. In the floor of center is a spiraling staircase that leads directly into the boss room.

The boss room appears as a small platform connected to the ceiling by 4 other rods. The platform is surrounded by water on all sides, flowing in from the pools on top. The Cursed Skulls will spawn on the platform, but the enemies usually spawn in the water.


  • The flowers surrounding the lair are a good, quick source of Glim and Bombs if you harvest them.
  • The player may go to the middle of the temple and go down the staircase which leads straight into the boss room.
  • The player may also go to one of the streams of water at the base of the temple and drop down into the boss room.
  • Finally the player may use 1-2 bombs/dragon near the temple as depicted below in order to enter the boss room.
  • For those looking to speed farm or are playing a class not able to deal with large amounts of enemies the lair is best skipped.


Enemy Regular Spawn
Enemy Skeleton Skeleton Yes
Enemy Wraith Wraith Yes