The Floating Castle
2016-08-20 175909
Type Lair
Designer Artycutie
Biome Medieval Highlands

The Floating Castle is a Lair that generates randomly in the Medieval Highlands biome. As the name implies, it is shaped like a medieval castle, floating on an island above ground level.

It can spawn a boss or Cursed Skulls.


Near the base of the lair are several floating platforms, which the player has to ascend to reach the entrance.

There are two floors to the castle; at the end of the second floor is a portal, which leads into the boss room when used.

The portal will drop the player onto a portal suspended above the boss by chains. Jumping down leads directly into an open arena with little to no obstacles, allowing the player to focus primarily on the objective.


  • Two-three bombs in the ground below the castle will quickly lead the player into the boss room.
    • This requires several bombs, however, and so can be expensive to do.
  • If the player is gliding, they can use a bomb (or Legendary Dragon projectile) to hit a window on the second floor, allowing immediate access to the portal.
    • The mining laser can also do this if the player lacks an explosive; however, without high lasermancy this is notably slower.


Enemy Regular Spawn Lair Boss
Enemy Dark Mushroom King Dark Mushroom King Yes
Enemy Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Yes
Enemy Skeleton Skeleton Yes
Enemy Wraith Wraith Yes


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