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The Streamer Dream

The Streamer Dream

Category Unlocker
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Grants a random, special Streamer reward that you don't already have unlocked!
— Item ToolTip

The Streamer Dream is an unlocker that is given to players by streamers. It contains allies and previously obtainable items from streamer codes. These are not common, uncommon, and rare, instead they are like Super Style Stashes, unlocking any item the player does not already own, with an equal chance of each.


The Streamer Dream will unlock any of the following items:

The Streamer Dream small The Streamer Dream
Item Type
Robo Raptor small Robo Raptor Mount
Balefire Wings small Balefire Wings Wings
Pandering Panda small Pandering Panda Ally
Wee Dawg small Wee Dawg Ally
Li'l Bae small Li'l Bae Ally
Timely Dismantler small Timely Dismantler Ally
Midnight Minion small Midnight Minion Ally
Playful Scytheling small Playful Scytheling Ally
Lovely Lapin small Lovely Lapin Ally
Cerebral Cephalopod small Cerebral Cephalopod Ally
Itty Bitty Bawk small Itty Bitty Bawk Ally
Troublesome Twosome small Troublesome Twosome Ally
Buzzy Beefriend small Buzzy Beefriend Ally
Sky-High Pancake Stack small Sky-High Pancake Stack Ally
Swingin' Sinata small Swingin' Sinata Ally
Overrated Tortoise small Overrated Tortoise Ally
T.bat small T.bat Ally
Hazeface Carapace small Hazeface Carapace Ally
Soul Samurai small Soul Samurai Ally
Nilfa small Nilfa Ally
Classy Kiwi small Classy Kiwi Ally



Every streamer who is able to receive promotional codes will get a total of 30 codes a month for every streamer (at the same rate of Robo Raptors during beta but raptor codes were given weekly). These codes are ment to be distributed to other players who are viewing the stream, however all of which must meet certain requirements made by the Community Manager in order to distribute them. This helps promote their own stream as well as supporting Trove in showing off the gameplay.

Different streamers will have their own way of how they want to distribute their codes to their viewers. Most streamers will require their viewers to follow then on their stream and will either give them out at a certain times during their stream or when they reach a certain amount of followers. There are few of which give out Balefire Wings with no followers required. Most giveaways are based off of luck in order to recieve a code.

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