• Hello people of Trove, this is going to be your news on the big anouncement the developers have made during their December 2nd Livestream which they have called Chaos Chest 2.0. If you haven't already watched their livestream or plan on watching it, you can go to their Youtube or Twitch page and see the recording of their stream:



    Please note, I am not a developer nor am I affilianted with any of their developments, if you have any concerns please go to the disscussion thread on this topic on the Trove Forums concerning this update.

    Link to Forum Thread:!

    Chaos Chest will be getting a major change in the next few weeks and will be going under testing next week (the week of Dec 5). What will be happening mainly will be that Chaos Chest that are obtained after the release of the patch will no longer be tradeable nor will it be used as a currency for the Player Marketplace. People with chaos chest prior to the patch will still be tradeable, just cannot be used in the marketplace to buy items. The tradeable chaos chest will have a seperate karma bar than the untradeable ones but will contain the same loot with the new loot in the uncommon loot table will be Chaos Cores.

    What is that you may ask? Chaos Cores are a new item that will come exclusively to the Chaos Chest. It is a uncommon crafting material that can be used in the new Crafting Table called the Chaos Core Crafter. With it you can craft many different unlocker items, this will include Classes, which will be seperated into Starter Classes and Advanced Classes with starter classes being the ones who have a straightforward playstyle and easy to craft, while advanced classes are more complex and advanced and are more expensive. This allows players to obtain classes without purchasing for credits or class packs which was something they wanted to bring back. Chaos Cores can also craft into collectable items such as Mounts, Allies, Costumes, Wings, and more! This only applies to collectables that can only be obtained in the chaos chest rotations (usually under the "Rare" tab on most collections). These items can be loot collected into chaos cores. This method of Chaos Core crafting gives benefits in a few ways:

    1) Collectables that the player does not have will be easer to craft.

    2) People who did not get the collectable they want from the chest, they can exchange for a mount/class of their choice which is useful for those who are not able to loot the mount themselves.

    Chaos Chest will not be store exclusive items anymore. These chests will be obtainable through normal means of farming. They will be a rare loot that is slightly more common to the rarity of a pemblock/meownt/shmeep/centaur but not as rare as the auras/dragonite. This will drop in any leveled world and even in the elemental worlds. so this item will be more common, but will still be avalible in the store for credits for people who purchase credit packs or from tradeable credit pouches.

    Oh I forgot to mention about tradeable credits. A new item called Extra Credits which will be obtainable in the game, no news on how yet but it will come soon. These pouches each contains Credits small 250 for each pouch and will be tradeable and can be sold in the Player Marketplace. These can be used to purchase more chaos chests or on other items in the player store along with the weekly packs. All the new weekly packs will be sold for credits rather than real money and will contain a variety of new items. For example, one of the more expensive packs will include a dragon unlocker. This item will unlock any dragon that are only obtainable through dragon eggs and will also include the refer-a-friend dragon, Disaeon the Immortal for all those who do not have any friends to referr or have trouble referring 30 people. 

    Whats your thoughts on this, do you think this is a good update or will it be something that will have a negative impact to the game. Lets talk about it, let me know what are your opinions about it. Do you think this will help you or will it hurt the way you play the game?

    Here's a poll if you don't want or a little shy to reply to this thread:

    Chaos Chest 2.0! Do you like the upcoming chamges to Chaos Chests, yes or no?

    The poll was created at 00:55 on December 3, 2016, and so far 140 people voted.

    I will keep this updated as new changes come around but for now, 

    Happy Editing from the Trove Wikia!


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