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This page needs a list of possible three-star bosses per biome.

Three-Starred Bosses are bosses that players must defeat to complete three star quests. Three Starred Bosses are the main boss in Dungeons. They never appear in Lairs.

They are tougher than One-Starred Bosses, but the rewards are also greater for defeating them.

Defeating Three Starred Bosses in Uber Worlds (Uber 1 - Uber 5) will give players some Shadow Key Fragments upon opening the chest they drop. Higher Uber Worlds can drop 2 gems. In Uber-6 worlds or higher they will drop 3 Moon Key Fragments .

Each biome has its own Three-Star Bosses.


  • Grand Cupcake Caliph
  • Pound Cake 3000

Cursed Vale

  • Champion of Doom


  • Icebound Strangler
  • Yeti Lord

Dragonfire Peaks

  • Elder Flamedrake
  • Red Dragon Tyrant

Fae Wilds

  • Emperor of Darkthicket
  • Emperess of Darkthicket

Treasure Isles

  • Pirrot Lord
  • Cursed Pirrot Captain
  • Sharkman Deepseer

Neon City

  • Robotic Cyberlord
  • Robowraith v2.0

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