To The Nines Pack
Ui store pack special costumes
Credit Icon 3,000
Dress to kill with our “To the Nines” pack of custom outfits created by players like you. These nine costumes will make your Trovian heroes look sharp and pixel perfect with ease.
Trove Store Description

To The Nines is a costume pack released in the 7/28/15 patch. It currently costs 3,000 Credits.


This pack includes a set of costumes.

  • Dreamolyte by Andreez927 (Dracolyte Costume)
  • Guardian Angel by Zoe (Fae Trickster Costume)
  • Shadow Shroud by LippyLapras (Shadow Hunter Costume)
  • Molten Fury by LippyLapras (Ice Sage Costume)
  • Candy Bearbarian Pink & Blue by Leeon1234 (Candy Barbarian Costume x2)
  • Neonstroke by Tribalflame (Neon Ninja Costume)
  • Reboot by Dusty_Mustard (Neon Ninja Costume)
  • Mad Scientist by Stringer (Pirate Captain Costume)

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