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Todstrom ingame
Category Monster
Type Boss
Affinity Shadow
Biome Lands of Learning
AI Type Todstrom

Enemy Todstrom
My mistress want to meet you, shiny one. No struggle, only hurt more!
— Todstrom

Todstrom is a melee boss enemy found in the tutorial world.


In Todstrom's first appearance, he is largely inactive, standing still until the player arrives. When approached, Todstrom teleports away, leaving a portal and two Shadow Minions behind.

At the end of the tutorial he can be encountered again alongside the Daughter of the Moon. After some dialogue, the Daughter of the Moon teleports away and Todstrom attacks the player.

During combat, Todstrom rapidly swings a claw he holds in his left arm towards the player to attack at close range.

He can also occasionally strike with a large club he holds in his right arm for greater damage and knockback, but with a larger warning before attacking.

Shortly before death, he teleports away, ending the fight.


Speaker Event Dialogue
Todstrom Player appearance (first world) Ooh, pretty life-light! And so bright! Todstrom brings to Mistress.
Todstrom But first Mistress's prize. Todstrom comes back for pretty life-light after...
Todstrom You two, grab pretty one. Don't let it escape!
Daughter of the Moon Player appearance (second world) Report, Todstrom. Have you found her?
Todstrom Birdie in cage, Mistress. Toadie also find pretty life-light, will bring to you. You like?
Daughter of the Moon Interesting. I must return to the Shadow Tower to proceed with our preparations.
Daughter of the Moon But yes, Toadie dear, bring that one to me. It will serve our purpose. [Teleports away]
Todstrom My mistress want to meet you, shiny one. No struggle, only hurt more!
Radiant Warrior Todstrom damaged [Spawns in] Trovian! Todstrom is far too powerful for you yet! Allow my assistance!
Todstrom Todstrom's health drained We not finished, shiny one! [Teleports away]
Radiant Warrior Well done! I'm sure you'll be seeing him again. For now, I must go. [Disappears]


  • Todstrom has been found to be conversing with and taking orders from the Daughter of the Moon, referring to her as his "mistress".
  • Todstrom also has a nickname of "Toadie".

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