Treasure Isles Recipe

Treasure Isles Recipe

Category Recipe
Type Unlocker
Item ID

Unlock a random Treasure Isles recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Treasure Isles Recipes are gained by trading with the Treasure Isles Trader Merchant in the Treasure Isles Biome. Each recipe can be traded with 300 Glim. They are a one-time-use item and will teach a player an unknown Treasure Isles Recipe when used. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls. All recipes once used can be crafted at the Workbench.

There are a total of 66 different Treasure Isles themed Recipes.

Treasure Isles Recipes

Like most recipes (once used), it will unlock a random recipe that the player has not already unlocked from the respective biome it was obtained from.

Here is a list of unlockable recipes from the Treasure Isles:

Treasure Isles
Sand Castle Wall small

Sand Castle Wall

Sand Castle Wall Corner small

Sand Castle Wall Corner

Sand Castle Gate small

Sand Castle Gate

Rope Bridge Center Section small

Rope Bridge Center Section

Robe Bridge Edge Section small

Robe Bridge Edge Section

Rope Bridge Edge Railing Section small

Rope Bridge Edge Railing Section

Brass Helm small

Brass Helm

Basilisk Base small

Basilisk Base

Basilisk Barrel small

Basilisk Barrel

Basilisk Muzzle small

Basilisk Muzzle

Cornerstone Cannon small

Cornerstone Cannon

Stack of Cannonballs small

Stack of Cannonballs

Straight Ship Railing small

Straight Ship Railing

Ship Railing Corner small

Ship Railing Corner

Half-a-Hammock small


Lavish Admiralty Table Corner small

Lavish Admiralty Table Corner

Lavish Admiralty Table Midsection small

Lavish Admiralty Table Midsection

Lavish Admiralty Chair small

Lavish Admiralty Chair

Lavish Admiralty Mirror small

Lavish Admiralty Mirror

Smooth Sailing small

Smooth Sailing

Island Sunset Painting small

Island Sunset Painting

Model Ship Display small

Model Ship Display

Model Galley small

Model Galley

Telescope small



Simple World Cube

World Cube small

World Cube

Inert Soultrap small

Inert Soultrap

Cargo Crate small

Cargo Crate

Solid Barrel small

Solid Barrel

Patio Parasol small

Patio Parasol

Goldfish Tank Left Half small

Goldfish Tank Left Half

Goldfish Tank Right Half small

Goldfish Tank Right Half

Archerfish Tank Left Half small

Archerfish Tank Left Half

Archerfish Tank Right Half small

Archerfish Tank Right Half

Pirate Qubesly Plushie small

Pirate Qubesly Plushie

Treasure Map Banner Top Section small

Treasure Map Banner Top Section

Treasure Map Banner Middle Section small

Treasure Map Banner Middle Section

Treasure Map Banner Bottom Section small

Treasure Map Banner Bottom Section

X Marks the Spot small

X Marks the Spot

Pembarr Pup small

Pembarr Pup

Beach Chair small

Beach Chair

Fishing Chair small

Fishing Chair

Crammed Cooler small

Crammed Cooler

Thick Wooden Palisade Bottom Section small

Thick Wooden Palisade Bottom Section

Thick Wooden Palisade Top Section small

Thick Wooden Palisade Top Section

Wooden Palisade Bottom Section small

Wooden Palisade Bottom Section

Wooden Palisade Top Section small

Wooden Palisade Top Section

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