Treasure Isles Trader
Treasure Isles Trader Saltwater Sam Model
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Category NPC
Type Merchant
Biome Treasure Isles

Treasure Isles Traders are a type of NPC Merchant that can be seen in Vendor Ships in the Treasure Isles Biome. They trade Soultraps, Sails, and Mounts for Glim.

The items they carry will be randomly generated once a player comes nearby (approximately 120-150 blocks distance), and reset once they leave. As such, players can 'refresh' their items by leaving and returning without having to find a new trader.

Items Sold

Soultraps, recipes and mounts are sold separately; sails are sold in groups of 4

NPC Saltwater Sam Treasure Isles Trader Treasure Isles Trader
Item Cost (Quantity)
Qubesly Soultrap small Qubesly Soultrap Glim small Glim (300)
Cat Soultrap small Cat Soultrap Glim small Glim (300)
Buddy Bot Soultrap small Buddy Bot Soultrap Glim small Glim (300)
Raptor Soultrap small Raptor Soultrap Glim small Glim (300)
Butterfly Soultrap small Butterfly Soultrap Glim small Glim (300)
Treasure Isles Recipe small Treasure Isles Recipe Glim small Glim (300)
Ladybug Sail small Ladybug Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Bee Sail small Bee Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Scarlet Shroom Sail small Scarlet Shroom Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Desert Sunset Sail small Desert Sunset Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Spooky Sail small Spooky Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Fae Windcatcher small Fae Windcatcher Glim small Glim (3,000)
Dragonblade Sail small Dragonblade Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Eolic Energiser small Eolic Energiser Glim small Glim (3,000)
Saltwater Swirl small Saltwater Swirl Glim small Glim (3,000)
Golden Trident Sail small Golden Trident Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Hypnotic Sail small Hypnotic Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Inner Sea small Inner Sea Glim small Glim (3,000)
Raider Sail small Raider Sail Glim small Glim (3,000)
Frost Fae Sail small Frost Fae Sail Glim small Glim (5,000)
Moonshadow Sail small Moonshadow Sail Glim small Glim (5,000)
Dark Phoenix Sail small Dark Phoenix Sail Glim small Glim (5,000)
Foolish Fish small Foolish Fish Glim small Glim (5,000)
Much Sail small Much Sail Glim small Glim (5,000)
Compass Rose small Compass Rose Glim small Glim (5,000)
Fast Frank small Fast Frank Glim small Glim (9,000)
Gadget Cat small Gadget Cat Glim small Glim (9,000)
Jade Larvorghini small Jade Larvorghini Glim small Glim (9,000)
Battle Caterpillar small Battle Catterpillar Glim small Glim (9,000)
Candorian Caterpillar small Candorian Caterpillar Glim small Glim (9,000)
Rodeo Cowterpillar small Rodeo Cowterpillar Glim small Glim (9,000)

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