This is my Idea for a new Trovian class, Flatlands Monk (Needs a better name due to my own lack of inspiration) of the Peaceful hills Biome.

Their passive, "Challenger of Fate" would make them gain attack speed per single-target attack-

Upon hitting an enemy, it begins to stack "Challenger of Fate", after three attacks on the same enemy, you hit them twice per attack instead,

after hitting them 4 times or more, you gain 4% attack speed per hit *8%*, this stacks up to 640% attack speed.

This passive goes away after not hitting a target for 8 seconds.

Hitting a different enemy twice (within 10 seconds, this allows you to not always lose the buff) removes the stacks / passive mark and begins

applying themto the other target.

Their Leftclick would make them punch forward, being a 0.5 tile range and can only hit one target at a time. this deals only 60% of their PDMG.

Their rightclick would be "Retaliate", where in you kick backwards in the same cone as the knight's right click, dealing knockback and damage,

This does not stack your passive.

3 second cooldown.

Their 1 would be "Meditate", making them take 120% more damage but heal 10% of their health every second for 5 second, the 75% the of

damage they took while meditating is then saved, the next 2 attacks you deal to a Challenger of Fate deal this damage as bonus damage.

6 second cooldown

Their Ultimate skill on 2 would be "Accept Duty", equiping your staff (Spear) and attacking only 75% as fast as your unequipt state, still stacking

from your passive, upon activation it knocks all targets around you within 5 blocks (circular) into the air dealing your

previous attack's damage, but dealing double the damage to the Challenger of Fate while not knocking them away.

This also increases his range on auto attacks by 1 block (1.5 instead), this state lasts for 8 seconds.

Their 4th stat gain would be attackspeed, their 5th stat gain on Level 20 would be +1 jump.


Insane single target damage,

Combo damage makes him unstoppable in 1v1 situations,

Extended fights like boss battles become a breeze,


Worthless against large groups of mobs without cooldowns,

Cannot take burst damage nearly as well as other melee fighters,

Needs to ramp up on damage and build tanky to sustain and deal damage in fights.

Lore: "When the Sun god shone less and less in our name, we knew there was something wrong, our elders knew we must accept our fate to the godess, and

keep strong willed, so we stayed and prayed daily. Even when the shadows began their attack, they could not break our will.

However; When they corrupted our world and struck the defencless, we had no choice but to take matters into our own hands.

This was when the godess shone a brilliant, incandescent light upon our world! Our only sign that we had hope to our cause, to seal fate, to

protect it aswell just as we did for our surroundings. It was time for our first ever diplomatic war. I and others were chosen to defend

from these shadows. Let us begin.

I hope you like the idea!

Leave a comment on your opinions and any balance changes.

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