Upcoming Features
Trove Developers occasionally announce and/or hint at various details of Trove updates that are still in development. This page lists those details.
Since the updates described here have not been released yet, and many of these details are only conjectured based on information leaked in livestreams, twitter posts, forum threads, and/or outside sources approved by Trove Team that must be provided by the staff, all items here may be subject to change, or may not end up in a future Trove update at all.

Upcoming features policy:

  • Any and all upcoming features must be sourced to a Trove Dev Team posting or any source officially related to the Trove game. Unsourced information, or information purportedly leaked from other sources, will be removed.
  • Future features and changes should remain confined to this page, and to articles dedicated solely to future items. They should not be added to articles on current features.
  • Graphics officially released by Trove Devs, or images cut from them, can be uploaded. Unreleased graphics purportedly leaked from other sources may be Trion Worlds intellectual property, and/or may be unreliable, and will be deleted. Original player artwork depicting future items will also be deleted, unless it is solely for personal use in User: space.

PTS Notes (July 26/27)

The Biggest Little Update Ever

This build has a LOT of changes-that-should-be-behind-the-scenes to support Trove on consoles, however, some of these changes ended up breaking things. Our QA team absolutely crushed what was a very broken build earlier, but there are still going to be many little changes which the developers and QA both ended up missing, or which only end up popping up in a live (or live-like) environment.

So, basically, please help us out by testing every single thing in the game (especially UI screens and functionality).


  • Fixed a common crash bug!
  • Fixed an issue where wings would sometimes draw incorrectly.


  • /sortinventory - this command will automatically sort your adventure inventory!

Misc Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when taking screenshots.
  • Fixed bug where, with default bindings, zooming in and out with the mouse wheel in build mode also rotated the block being placed. Now, holding shift while moving the mouse wheel rotates the block, as intended.
  • Fixed a display issue with the stat breakdowns in the Character Sheet where Battle Banner stats were incorrectly included in the total when not in a Battle Arena, and other stats were incorrectly included when you were in a Battle Arena.
  • Fixed a non-display issue where some PvE-only stats were being applied in the Battle Arena.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some abilities not to play a "Cooldown Up" sound.
  • Flagcapture points in pvp worlds should now rotate correctly.
  • Revenant's Spirit Spears now destroys grass and other plants.
  • Parrot in Pirate Captain - Mad Scientist skin now drops black feathers instead of red feathers.
  • Drastically reduced amount of data sent to client when adding some kinds of objects, which may reduce latency.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gunslinger's ultimate would cause the pitch on its attacks to keep going up and up and up and up...
  • Legendary Eye Encyclopedia has been renamed to prevent confusion with the regular version, and is now called Oculus Opus.
  • Legendary Tome: Big Bomb has been renamed to be more consistent with other legendary tome names, and is now called Pyrotechnics Papers.
  • Fixed a bug where $Text_Like_This could show up in the Marketplace.
  • FIxed a bug where $Text_Like_This could show up when waiting to log in during a queue.
  • Lambent the Neolord and Syluria the Enchanting have come to terms. Stat bonuses from the badges should now stack correctly.
  • Chaos chests no longer give eyes of q'thulhu as uncommon results and instead have a greater chance of pearls of wisdom.
  • Gem Booster boxes have a lower chance of granting dust and a higher chance of granting Jade Clovers.
  • Optimized stats recalculations on the server. May reduce network latency.
  • Fixed a bug where some products would show their Cubit and Credit prices out of order.
  • The Haunted Mansion in the Undead biome has been updated!

Community Content

  • New Treasure Isles dungeon from Screamheart.
  • New mask styles from Xeof, Kot_Manul, Humpypants, DecibHell, illiagorath, MonsieurZero, Asykura, B4ileys, Tomkar, GhostlyKoala, Hirakashi, Mew2ian, and Towerfall have been added to the game!

Planned Releases

These are planned content that is mentioned by the developers that do not have an offical release date.

  • More craft-able decorations
  • Adding more community made Mounts/Costumes.