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V6 Flux Capacitor

V6 Flux Capacitor

Category Material
Type Quest
Item ID
"Capable of storing almost limitless amounts of energy. In the end, however, her research was discovered, she was banished, and her machines was smashed to pieces and hurled from the Sky Realms, to land in the oceans of the Prime, where sailors and treasure seekers find remnants of it to this day."

The V6 Flux Capacitor is one of the four main materials that is used in crafting the Neon Nightsky Wings. Each item's description holds a clue as to where to find the crafting table that is capable of crafting the item.


Crafting Station
S.O.A.R small S.O.A.R
Ingredient(s) Amount
Flux small

Flux 5,000
V6 Flux Capacitor small V6 Flux Capacitor 1


The S.O.A.R. T-1 crafting table is found inside merchant pirates' ships in Treasure Isles biomes, provided they are docked on an island with a digsite outside. The ship can be either a Glim ship or a Flux ship to hold it.

To access the crafting table, one must go inside to the first set of bars and mine through them.



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