Vendor Ship
Vendor Ship ingame
Type Ship – Vendor
Biome Treasure Isles

Vendor Ship is a construction that generated randomly in Drowned Elemental World in the Treasure Isles biome. There are two types of Vendor Ships, each with its own type of merchant, the Shadowy Treasure Isles Trader (trades items for Flux) or Treasure Isles Trader (trades items for Glim). Each of the merchant's ships are recognizable through the ship sail, the Glim merchant being the parrot, and the Flux Merchant being a robotic parrot.

Rarely some of these Vendor Ships will be generated with the S.O.A.R T-1 crafting station which is located inside the ship's jailed room. To find the variant of the ship with this crafting table, the ship must have stairs leading to a small sandy island with a small dig site (indicated by a small shovel next to one of the holes). Once found players will need 5,000 Flux to craft the V6 Flux Capacitor.