Vengeful Piñata God
Category Boss
Type Pinata
Biome Shadow Tower
Floor 3
Room 4
AI Type Pinata God
Max Life Normal: 31.3M
Hard: 579.05M
Ultra: 203.45M
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Vengeful Pinata God Trophy small Vengeful Pinata God Trophy Rare
Radiant Cache small Kami of Smoldering Scorn Cache Rare
Weekly Item Drops
Titan Soul small Titan Soul
Icon leaderboard st pinata normal (Normal) 1
Icon leaderboard st pinata hard (Hard) 3
Icon leaderboard st pinata ultra (Ultra) 5

Too long have Trovians attacked innocent piñatas without remorse or consequence. It’s payback time! Beware this sugary savior – brutal stomp attacks and deadly confetti breath are just a taste of what this papier-mâché powerhouse can do.

The Vengeful Piñata God is a Shadow Titan in the Shadow Tower. It is the third titan (located at the 4th room of the third floor) that players will face on Normal and/or Hard mode. It rewards 1x Titan Soul when done on Normal Mode and 3x on Hard Mode.

Like all titans, it is immune to being frozen, stunned, or knocked back.


It was first hinted on the September 11 Trove Stream inside the Shadow Tower with it's battle animations and VFXs fully completed.


The Vengeful Piñata god has three main attacks. Its first attack has him jumping up then slamming back down multiple times with confetti spilling from its sides, dealing heavy area damage to targets around it. Its second attack is when the Piñata God it front of it ejecting confetti in front of it in the shape of a cone from its mouth. This attack deals damage to the players directly in front of the boss. Its third attack is summoning Pinmen to fight for it, either spawning melee Pinmands or ranged Pinmands.


Try to avoid attacking the Miñatas instead of attacking the boss itself, as although the Miñatas can add up to do a significant amount of damage, defeating the Piñata God will despawn the Miñatas.

One common strategy for the Piñata God would be to use a tank class like the Revenant to pull the boss to the corner. The tank would keep it occupied by shield-bashing it, while the rest of the team uses ranged characters to inflict damage on the boss, taking care not to use any abilities that steal the boss's attention.

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